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Caryn Greeff

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Jo Hawkins

Master Coach: Business and Transformation Neuroscience, Influencr Mentor.

CARYN GREEFF – BRAND COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST When you fascinate someone, they’re instantly captivated and focused on you and your message. Your Fascinate profile is the most comprehensive look at how the world sees YOU at your best! See how you compare to over a million professionals and fine-tune your personal brand to improve communication and fascinate your audience. Once you know what makes you most valuable to others – you are more authentic when you communicate. – You will feel more confident and are more likely to make a positive impression in all your relationships. – Your Fascinate profile will reveal how you are uniquely fascinating to others. – You will learn about your Advantages, and about which ones you naturally use the most (and the least) when you communicate. – You will develop language and tools to improve your business marketing and communication.

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The course begins on 12 of November 2020
Every Tuesday and Thursday

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Entrepreneurs, Startups, Want your own Business, Want to work online, Want to be your own Boss, Coaches ready to go to the next level, Alignment seekers, Heart-centered Entrepreneurs

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5 Weeks with 10 Sessions

Identify your untapped expertise and develop your unique

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