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Influencr Mentor

Jennifer Kauffman

Master Transformation Coach Inspiring Impossible Transformation, Best-Selling Author, Executive producer of Emmy award-winning films

Jo Hawkins

Master Transformation Coach, Trailblazing Transformations, Professional Nursing Diplomas, General, Psychiatric, Community Health, Midwifery Nutrition Diploma Advanced Diploma Weight Loss Pilates Coach Success Coach Master Transformation Neuroscience Coach

Jennifer Kauffman and Jo Hawkins so that you can get your questions answered and
get the ’Think and Grow Thin’ ™  Mindset and Train your Reticular Activating System for Success

Hello Gorgeous Body Mastery

Nutrition protocol with recommended food list, so that you learn what your body is telling you through signs and symptoms and how to heal, and maintain your Ideal Bodyweight

Exercise Recommendations and Online Hello Gorgeous Pilates

for Core Physique Training, Posture, Tone, Body Sculpting, Flexibility & Weight Loss

Exclusive Private Support and Accountability Group

so that you gain your goals and have fun achieving them

Transformation Meditations

to train your subconscious and set you up for Success

Daily Motivation

to keep you on track and inspired so that stepping into your Ideal Self becomes effortless

The Value: $999

One-Time Limited Offer Only $197

Course Preparation starts everyday in the Evening,
Following Event Release Your Feminine Genius Super Power.

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The course is aimed at women, but men are welcome. Looking for the Benefits mentioned, and Transform their Health, Fitness, Confidence, Body, by overcoming blocks and step into their power.

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The Value: $999

One-Time Limited Offer Only $197

Limited Slots Only

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Limited Slots Only

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